Book Review: Island of Glass (The Guardians Trilogy #3)

It has been a month since my last read about the guardians trilogy. Sorry not sorry because I have traveled and didn’t have time to read hohoho.


a. Book’s Identity

Title: Island of Glass

Author: Nora Roberts

Start & finish date: 20 April-16 May 2017

Total page number: 275 Pages

Category(ies): Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Publisher & publishing dates: 2016 by Penguin Random House LLC


*cover of book trilogy*

b. Plot Summary:


After acquired star of fire, they transported themselves to Ireland. Home for Doyle and Bran. Together, they learn about their past. It is (not) surprised that their life is connected to each other, that their ancestors could be the goddess of stars, Celene, Luna, and Arianrhod.

Because this is the final story, it tells about the relationship development of Doyle and Riley. Also, their search about star of ice.

c. Strength

  • I guarantee you, it is happy ending. no doubt. They (absolutely should) made their mission! cheers!
  • If you keep reading from the first book, and you are fans of Doyle or Riley or both, yes, this is their turn to be exposed. Be cheerful to their extraordinary love. Not too sweet like Sawyer & Annika or too magical like Bran & Sasha

d. Weakness

  • You can guess the ending. Yep you can
  • The enemies are defeated. Sure, that is the ingredients how to make happy ending. But, it is just “yay we defeated it!” not with sweaty bloody tears and something challenging.

e. Favourite Scene *contain spoilers*

  • When they find their ancestors are related. So they are clan. (or, that is how they decide it).
  • When Aegle, the Queen, give the guardians their heart desire. At last, I am happy that Annika & Sawyer does not need to be separated between land and sea.

F. Most Favourite Character

I still like R-I-L-E-Y. This last novel is dedicated to Riley & Doyle. I am happy to read more about their character and how they could blend. Riley is very smart, and she is wolf! She is true warrior and she is not weak. Her love life is like mine, HAHA. Hopelessly romantic but at the end, she get what best for her.

G. Most Hate Character


Plain. No most hate character.

H. Rating

Only 3 stars. Sorry, only 3. yeah. Because the ending is predictable and there is no something surprise or challenging from this novel. I think for fantasy-adventure novel, there could be more surprises.

Sleep in Outer Space 

Hi everyone! 

Are you fan of Star Wars?

*picture taken from pinterest* 

or Star Trek? 

*picture taken from pinterest*

or both? 
Have you ever dreamed to become an astronaute when you were child? 

*picture taken from pinterest*

Now with a little of magic, you can have astronaute and outer space experience when you are traveling! True! Because in this post I will tell you about Met a Space Pod Hotel in Little India, Singapore! *yayness* 
Met a Space is a capsule hotel. It’s a hotel that have one common room with dorm bed, and usually a share bathroom. Since my travel to Japan, I want to try capsule hotel when traveling. Because if you lucky enough, capsule hotel is really nice place to stay with cheap price. 

I have known this met a space from a year ago when I traveled to Singapore with my sisters. One of them told me about it. I was so interested with it, but, at that time it’s location is in Clarke Quay and above bar place. I thought, it would make my sisters and I hard to take a rest after long journey. So, we discard that option. *saaaddd* 

But hey, in this 2017, I am planning to go to Singapore again to watch Coldplay concert. Just when I begin to stumble a capsule, then there is an advertising about Met a Space Pod located in Little India! So yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! And it is close enough to Fahrer Park MRT station. Then it is double yeaaaaaaayyy! Without any hesitation, I booked the hostel. Yes sir, I am ready to have space experience! 

I arrived in Singapore about 6PM. I took MRT from Harbour Front to Fahrer Park. Then…….okay, they have A-H exit door and I am confused which one will I take. I texted the hotel, and the answer is..

*space cadet????? previously I asked with Sir/Madam 😂😂😂*

Okay… got it. However I still dumb, so I take different exit. ( I take exit H if I was not mistaken) and it’s kinda round and round. So……takes 15 minutes to figure it out and reach the space 😂😂😂

Here it goes when I am ready to space it up! 

* I took photos the day after in order to have clearer look* 

Met a space is surrounded with apartment area. No noisy. If you come home late, let’s say 11 PM, it’s a bit dark and silent.

Enough for environment, let’s talk about the stay experience. First o first: The bed bed bed bed! 

This is the alley between capsules and toilet. At the end of it, turn left and you will see toilet and bathroom.

This is the pod with side slide door. I got capsule with front slide door. Upstairs. Ohh and you also get locker for all your belonging. The big locker located down under the pod, while the safe deposit (yes you got it too), located inside the pod.

and this is the bed!!! you also get two towels for you. 

This is the charging station. If you look closely, you can see that you can change the lamp color. It could be reading mode, sleepy mode, or space mode. 😏 Also there is a mirror above charging station. 

Yeah you got TV too. And yes, that’s the curtain. Nope. Not door. I think for front door, it is actually front curtain. 

After seeing the pod, let’s take a look at bathroom, shall we?

The lavatory separated from bathroom. 

Bathroom area

There is alao a mirror and cloth hanging after bathroom. It consist two washtaffels with spacious enough area. Also, sunray can past through the window and you can see artificial garden above you. Nice place to stay, is it?

After all, I am very glad to have experience in here. The place is very  very nice. Staffs also friendly to us and gladly to help. With price about 350.000 rupiah per night, this place is recommended to travelers who wants to enjoy not ordinary staying in their wanderer time. 

Other facilities include wifi, and breakfast. (Depend on your booking. My booking does not included it. Beside I am looking for my own breakfast taste, I am booked in promo price 😝). Met a space pod little india located near Serangoon Plaza, Farer Park Hospital, and City Square Mall. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 until above the skies! 

May the force be with you travelers! 

Book Review: Bay of Sighs (The Guardian Trilogy #2)

Hi guys, this time I will write about Bay of Sighs, a trilogy by Nora Roberts. I read the trilogy from the beginning and like it. Thus, I want to read the second.


a. Book’s Identity

Title: Bay of Sighs

Author: Nora Roberts

Start & finish date: 11-13 April 2017

Total page number: 266 Pages

Category(ies): Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Publisher & publishing dates: 2016 by Penguin Random House LLC


*cover of book trilogy*

b. Plot Summary:


The story continue from the sixth guardian-Sasha, Bran, Sawyer, Annika, Riley, and Doyle- to find the stars of fortune and restore it. Save it from the mother of lies, Nerezza. After finding Star of Fire in Corfu, Greece, they go to Capri, Italy, to look for Star of Water.

Previously, they have beaten Nerezza and her army while she tries to get Star of Fire. Luckily, the Guardians can defeat her. Then, Nerezza use Riley and Sawyer’s enemy, Andre Malmon, to become her pet and destroying them. Beside Malmon wants to occupied Sawyer’s compass, he would like the streght of guardians for his pleasure and power. Next, Nerezza made Malmon into beast. With Malmon on her side, she will make the guardians pay what they did to her.

c. Strength

  • You get the romance, the fantasy, but not in a rush into adventure. This novel is very enjoyable with slow pace adventure time.
  • Nora Roberts describe the places very beautiful and it makes the reader, feels like they are in adventure too.
  • If you go home and feel bad day, and you want salvation and go away from reality for a while, this book may be your choice. It offers beautiful description, adventure, romance, but not too fast plot.

d. Weakness

  • For me, the plot is too slow. I mean, how can you enjoy everyday breakfast, while training, and shopping gellato and swimsuit, while you know Nerezza and her team hunts you down? It feels like less adventure
  • Boring
  • You can guess the love story in this novel. No surprise. It’s like everything has be destinied and reader knows it.

e. Favourite Scene *contain spoilers*

  • When Annika find the Stars of Water
  • When Sawyer promise Annika that he will build house beside the beach. Just to be with Annika for the rest of his life and he know, Annika couldn’t be at land because she’s mermaid.

F. Most Favourite Character

Dr. Riley Gwin. Previously, I like Sasha. But now, Riley is more rationale than her. She’s a lycan, an archeology, and she really made effort to find the stars. Riley made contact to her colleagues and try her best, while others wait for Sasha’s seer.

G. Most Hate Character

No character I really hate in this novel. But still, I have to choose. Okay, I choose Annika. Because she’s so bubbly. So in love. Hello Annika, this is adventure. Why all things that crossed in your mind only Sawyer and love?

After all, I still like her. I think Nora Roberts make her central in second trilogy and that’s why the plot is slow. No worries.

H. Rating

Only 3 stars. Sorry, only 3. yeah. I like the story, it’s not bad but, I think it could be developed more.

Book Review: Briar Rose

Finally, after long long hiatus, collecting wills and times to read, selecting which new books in read that I want to read first, (yes, there are many new books in my shelves that I haven’t read since I bought them), I choose to read………BRIAR ROSE by Jana Oliver. This books bought in December 2013 when I traveled from Jakarta to Bali. I thought I could kill boredom in plane before I arrived. Turns out I sleep, sleep, and sleep in planes. Then, forget about the new book once in Bali.


a. Book’s Identity

Title: Briar Rose

Author: Jana Oliver

Start & finish date: 6-9 April 2016

Total page number: 470 pages

Category(ies): Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Publisher & publishing dates: First published 2013 by Macmillan’s Children Books


b. Plot Summary:

It tells a story about Briar Rose, or sleeping beauty in different adventure and modern theme. Start from a girl, named Briar Rose, who almost reach her sixteenth birthday. Her parents always warn her not too get in touch with Joshua Quinn, her childhood friend. They once was a good friend, before drowning accident. When Briar and Josh was (probably) seven years old, Briar almost drown in lake near Potter’s Mile. She would, if Josh was not in time to save her. Since then, their parents drew apart. Even Mrs. Quinn would grounded Josh if she know that Josh talk to Briar, even just near.

Next, it is told by her best friend, Reena, that Briar is cursed. On her sixteenth birthday, she will die. This answer her question why her mom always look frustrated each day and panicked. Briar seeks answer about this and no one can give it the answer she wants. Finally, when the time comes, her dad told her. Briar refused it, instead, she choose to go to party near lake. Her father agrees, with one condition, Briar has to come home at the latest eleven thirty. She’s agree.

At the party, she meet her crush, Patt Daniels. But Briar turned down with his act. To surprise, she meet Josh, and he give her a silver charm bracelet. Briar like it and decide to use it. Then, she go home with Reena. When she’s arrived, Reena’s Grandmother, Lily, is there. She said that the curse it’s true. But Briar would really die, unless she could fight the curse and win against it. Confused and doesn’t know what to do, her mom and dad, Reena, and Lily accompany Briar in her bedroom to go asleep. She asleep when time is twelve o clock.

And the adventure begin, she wake up in some like industrial yet medieval place in night. Her pyjamas replaced by village dress and booth, her nail polish also gone, except the bracelet that was given by Josh earlier. From here, Briar should start to reveal the truth behind the curse. She must fight it in order to wake up in real world again, or she will die, both in dream and reality world.

On the other hand, her friends, Reena and Josh, try their best to help Briar cure her curse. As Reena can practice little magic, she decide to wake up crossroad spirit, the Dark Rider, to help them travel to Briar’s curse world. Unfortunately, Josh did a mistake. the Dark Rider is a mischievous spirit. He like to tease and Josh is tempted. Instead, Josh make the deal with the hell spirit. A deal that costs much to be paid……..Even he can save Briar Rose.

c. Strength

  • The princess in this story is not the common you know. She is the princess you would like to punch, on the other side, you pity her. You will hope someone can replace her.
  • Jana Oliver success bring these questions to the reader: What should Briar do to break the curse? How she manage it? What happen when the curse broke, is then happily ever after? And the most question of all is: who put the curse on the first place?
  • Well, it’s a bit spoiler. Briar got some help from her beloved friends. The one whom she thinks is really jerk, turns out is not jerk at all. She try to find the prince to break the curse, because that’s how sleeping beauty tale. But no, the prince that she found is not the right one and doesn’t mean to be with her.
  • Briar might be a good girl, but spoiled somewhere inside of her. However, she try to break the curse by herself. aaaandddd, I always love the story when the character works hard to achieve something. Jana Oliver presents Briar in more human. Not too wise, too nice, too kind, to pretty.  She’s ordinary, but she still the hero.
  • Oops, I think there are two hero in this story. Because there are more than one problem. And when you reach your first happy ending, it doesn’t guarantee the second one should be excellent ending too, isn’t it?

d. Weakness

  • Too much details
  • Little boring for few first chapter


e. Favourite Scene *contain spoilers*

  • When Briar realise that Josh is right for him, not Ruric, not even Patt Daniels
  • When the Princess discovered, but she’s not the one you hope to break the curse
  • When Briar, Reena, Patt, and Josh come back from the curse and things get worse because Josh has deal with the Dark Rider
  • When it is reveal that the behind all of this misery is Briar’s Mom


F. Most Favourite Character

JOSHUA QUINN!!! He’s loyal and have faith among the story. He’s brave and prove to be the good knight. He is a type of person who will do anything to make it right. He’s not give up. After the accident in the lake, he’s prohibited to make contact with Rose family. Despite, he doesn’t care. He will do anything to take care the woman he love, even he should be grounded.

G. Most Hate Character

Mrs. Rose. For sure. Her grieve and angry for loosing favourite sister has cause all of the mess. I am happy to know, that she’s the one who start, later she’s the one who should receive the payback. Justice enough.

H. Rating

well, I give 4 stars in my goodreads. It’s a good story, I love this one, twist fairy tale with different perspective and the princess join a war, not just wait for her prince to kiss her. Instead, she should find who’s the one. And she should brave enough to admit it, who’s the right man for her, despite her stubborn attitude, somehow. However, it is not excellent enough to be caught in my mind for days, so, 4 stars: Worth to Read should be enough. 


Harry Potter Tour in Singapore: Visiting Platform 1094

Are you a fan of Harry Potter?

Do you want to visit magical world of Harry Potter?

But you don’t have enough money to go to Universal Studio Osaka, Universal Studio Orlando, or to Leavesden Studio?

Well, no need to worry anymore. If you can answer all above questions, and specifically you live in South East Asia country, you can go to Singapore and visit Platfrom 1094!!

Sounds magic, eh?

Platform 1094 is a Harry Potter thematic café located in 1094 Serangon Road. It served magical and weird drink and food. (don’t worry, the taste is delicious). I spend my time in here as part of my solo travel to Singapore to watch Coldplay.

Here’s the peek of it:


*chandelier, wood book menu, and tissue box in magic book formed. wooottt*

To get here, you can take north west east line MRT and stop at Boon Keng Station. From here, you can walk approximately for 5-10 minutes.

I am pretty lucky when I visit here there’s a space left. Many people visit here, especially during lunch. Some tables are reserved too. So, I suggest to place a reservation first if you want to come here. Moreover, if you come with more than three persons.

Let’s take a look at the menu:


Besides main course, they also sold appetizer, alcohol and non alcohol drink, and desserts. Foods and beverages are named with magical words. Haha. I was confused which one will I choose. Finally, I choose fragraria potion (a smoothies with carrot, banana, strawberry, orange, and beetroot) and crab meat aglio olio (aglio olio spaghetti with crab meat, smoked salmon, and flying fish roe tossed in buerne monte).

Shall we taste?


*beautiful, and yumm*


They always serve with a baker glass of mineral water. Free of charge. I don’t know. Maybe to reduce strange yet delicious taste? :p

Honestly, it all taste good. The spaghetti is delicious, although there is some strange flavour. But still acceptable. The portion is medium and enough to make me full before continuing  my solo journey. What I love is, there are rich with seafood slice. Well, some food only contain small slice. Not really represent what in menu.

How about the drink?

Ummm….Umm…..It’s a weird taste. I don’t like vegetables. And I can taste beetroot in this smoothies. Ugh. However, it still delicious. It’s weird but delicious. Confused huh? Yep that’s the taste of magic. Well, answering my previous question, maybe this is why they serve mineral water along with the dishes. To neutralise the taste.

*from family to food blogger, even warlock, visited this café*


There is also a rack of Harry Potter accesories. From wands, fake round glasses, to mini Harry Potter and owls. Of course, it helps you to take photograph and pretend that you are the wizard!!


*they did serve the delicious dessert. Unfortunately, I didn’t taste it due to money problem. Haghaghag*

Overall for this café:

Interior: 5 Stars

Accesible with public transportation: 5 stars

Foods and drinks: 4 stars

Final comments: Don’t ever say that you are Harry Potter fans if you haven’t visited this café!!

*psst…for more info about this place, you can stumble to*

A Head Full of Dreams Concert

I (literally) do anything to attend this concert!

Since 2013 and listening to Paradise, I began to like Coldplay. Then in 2014, this english band releases his sixth album, Ghost Stories. Even this album is about broken heart and sadness, this is my favourite album. I listened to all the songs and I can say, most of them are my favourite. Like Magic, A Sky Full of Stars, Midnight, Another’s Arms, True Love, Ocean, Always in My head. In the next year, they released their seventh album with more colourful songs and theme: A Head Full of Dreams. In my opinion, this album is more about pop songs, not too Coldplay compared to their previous sixth albums.

But still, I am so excited when my long lost cousin told me that Coldplay will held concert in South East Asia.

I remembered the day when she told me. The day when I am so bored at my office. She texted me that Coldplay will held concert in April 2017 in Singapore. Ticket will be sale two weeks from now.

That day, I forgot all my savings plan. I will do anything to watch this concert.

And literally, I’ll do anything to watch it. Several obstacles I conquer just to see them singing live in front of me with ( I bet) their spectacular concept:

  1. I didn’t get my ticket for show at 1 April 2017. You know, it’s like everyone in Indonesia want to watch it. Internet war is so real in here. I almost buy ticket from my cousin’s friend, but I didn’t do it.
  2. I try my luck for show at 31 March 2017. I was still got nothing. While my cousin and his husband got tickets from their friends (surprisingly only two so I still didn’t get), I wasn’t got any.
  3. I plan to prepare for concert in Bangkok. But I don’t have friends who will accompany me. *sigh* I don’t want to travel alone in country its national language is not english. No. I am not going to that crazy for the sake of concert and suffer later.
  4. Then, my friends sold her one ticket. After long decide, I bought it! YEAH! Even the price is doubled (I got cat 4 for 1,5 Million IDR while the real price is only 820 Thousand IDR).
  5. Me and my cousin prepare our departure. All tickets and hotel from Indonesia to Singapore are in high fare. Hmm. Seems like they already know Coldplay effect, that many Indonesians will come to Singapore. So, we decide to buy plane tickets from Jakarta to Batam, and we will cross to Singapore by Ferry from Batam. Double journey, I know. But we will save about 50 SGD for this. FYI, in January 2017 when we booked our tickets, plane from Jakarta-Singapore (direct flight) is 1 million IDR for one way. WUTTTTT???? On the other hand, plane from Jakarta-Batam is only 1 million IDR for round. Plus ferry ticket is only 500 thousand IDR for round. (Later I got round ferry ticket for only 380 thousand IDR). Duh. So Significant.
  6. In February 2017, my cousin told me that she cancelled the concert. It is because she got pregnant and she can’t be too tired. Godness………..What do I do without her?  I almost sold my ticket and didn’t want to go, but she encourage me. ” You already wait for this right? I am sorry I cannot accompany you. Please go. If you don’t go, I’ll feel guilty for myself”
  7. Finally, I decided to go. By myself. And for the first time, I will try solo travel. Excited, and scared at the same time. Nevertheless, here I go!

With all the things I did, and finally make it to concert, I must say I DIDN’T REGRET ANYTHING. I didn’t regret my saving that I used and trying solo travel for the first time. My efforts were PAID OFF! Thank you Coldplay!

If I am force to do patronus charm, I am sure its trigger is memories about Coldplay concert in Singapore 

Here’s for the photographs:

*opening concert: A head full of dreams*








*adventure of lifetime*